Remy 50 Carat Brown Heart Necklace Brilliant Diamond Pendant Necklace in 14k White Gold

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This stunning diamond necklace, inspired by the iconic one from James Cameron's Titanic movie, will have you feeling like the belle of the ball. The pendant is a heart shaped diamond swing and boasts 20 carats of a stunningly fancy brown hue. 29 carats of accent diamonds are set in a stunning round brilliant cut, pear shape and heart cut, making this a truly unique and special necklace, perfect for your special occasions. It comes complete with a 14 karat white gold chain weighing in at 48 grams, adding a perfect finishing touch to this statement piece. With earth mined diamonds, you know you're investing in a unique and valuable piece of jewellery.

Earth Mined Diamond Pendant Necklace:
Carat Weight: HEART 21.49 Carats, 29 carats of accident diamonds 
Style: Round Brilliant Cut, Pear Shape and of course  heart . 
Chains: 14 Karat White Gold 48.00 grams