How Do I Place an Order ?

Purchasing an item on is simple and secure. Once you have selected your item, you can move it to your Shopping Bag by clicking on the "Add to Bag" button. To complete your order, simply follow the instructions through the checkout process.
Your credit card details will be requested at the end of the checkout process, after which your order will be confirmed. We also offer the option to place your order over the phone. Please call Mike Nekta at +1 (212) 921-4647  to do so.


Why is it convenient and efficient to shop with Mike Nekta Store?

With our team of experienced jewelers, we are known for producing high quality items. Aside from only giving you the best, we also assure our customers that they will encounter a totally different experience when they shop with us. We are located at 74 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036.


How can I contact Nekta New York? 

With our team of experienced jewelers, we are known for producing high quality items. Aside from only giving you the best, we also assure our customers that they will encounter a totally different experience when they shop with us. We are located at 74 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036.


When Can I visit a Nekta New York Boutique?

74 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036

Monday - Thursday: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Weekends: Closed

However, you can book a VIP Appointment on Sundays if requested by phone call +1 (212) 921-4647 


How about an appointment if I want to visit Mike Nekta Store?

Appointment schedules are preferred. Even though we are not open on weekends, you can book a VIP Appointment on Sundays if requested by phone call +1 (212) 921-4647. 


Where is your other store located?

We really want to expand our business so that more customers will find shopping easy and accessible. But for now, we only have one store you can visit. 74 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036

Can you still accept clients who can’t visit your store?

Yes, we are open for everyone. You can read the process on how we can connect with one another and any other details here.

How about Mike Nekta’s refund and exchange policy?

We accept returned or exchanged of stock items within (no. of days) but we still need to assess the product very well. Moreover, this policy will not cover any other item. 


I want an upgrade on my diamond, what is Mike Nekta’s upgrade policy?

We offer a 100% credit eligibility on all diamonds purchased on You can have an upgrade towards a diamond that is at least double in value. Please note that it must be 3 years upon initial purchase to be eligible.

I have an old engagement ring, do you accept trade-ins?

Offers for trade-ins of engagement rings will depend on the use of your center diamond to our inventory. Please note that we only sell Mike Nekta brand rings so we are not able to offer any credit for your old setting.


Would Mike Nekta be able to build a new setting for my own diamond?

Yes, we can customize settings for any size and shape of your diamond or any center-stone. Please keep in mind that a “corkage fee” of $200 to $300 will then be charged depending on the size of the diamond. We offer a wide range of high diamonds in all shapes and sizes at the most favorable prices so please be sure to check with us before making a purchase for your center-stone.


Should I always keep contacting the same sales associate?

We advised that you keep your conversation thread to only one sales team member to avoid any confusion. Mike Nekta loves to give our customers a personalized one to one shopping experience to ensure a swift and seamless ordering process that you will receive exactly what you like.


I live outside New York and am looking for wedding band that will complement my engagement ring. What would you recommend?

We offer wedding band selection services and we recommend that you ship your engagement ring to us and we’ll show you band options through a video. By request, we’ll send a Fedex prepaid shipping label to you and you can use it to mail us your ring. We offer a $100 flat rate for round trip shipping which covers the insured value of your ring. Once you have completed your order on your wedding band, both rings will be returned to you together.


How long will it take to produce a Mike Nekta ring?

Production times may vary depending on the type of style selected for a setting. We usually allow around 2-5weeks of production but please keep in touch with your sales associate who can give you a more definitive timeline. There is an option for special rush orders as well.

Mike Nekta “halo” looks different from most that I’ve seen. Why?

Our designs are carefully handcrafted by our talented goldsmiths and this allows a precise artistry that a completely casted ring can’t achieve.

Can Mike Nekta give a new look to my old-mounting rings?

Aside from producing quality products, we also remodel rings that you’ve had ven for years. We promise you will not spend a lot on this one because we base the cost on different factors.


Which one is better? Platinum or White Gold? How do they differ?

Platinum and white gold are two very different metals. The biggest differences between platinum and white gold are that platinum is a naturally white metal and is more dense and durable. White gold has the properties as yellow gold while Platinum is also highly reflective and is denser than gold. Platinum is a better quality metal than gold. White gold, since made from gold, has a chance of wearing off it's white hue and hence isn't of the best quality in this context.  

Do you have any other metal colors aside from what you’ve shown in your website?

Yes. We have set of metal colors for each design you can choose from. When you contact our support, just include the color that you want in your message.


What is the quality of the pave diamonds you are using?

We always make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, that’s why we also used only the best. With the pave diamonds we are using, it is small and less visible, their cuts are simpler, and the gems are cheaper but the quality is absolutely extreme.


Can you do engravings for engagement and wedding rings?

Yes, we can do both. We know you this ring is so important so you want it to customize, and engraving will make it more special. It can be applied for a variety of our styles.


What is the measure of the thinnest ring you can make?

Generally, it measures 1.77mm which is very suitable for our unique and stylish designs.


Can you give us a price list of loose diamonds that you offer?

Due to the daily changes of our inventory, we choose not to have a list without inspecting each diamond personally for our clients. We are committed to give our clients the best option based on their style and specification and guiding them in choosing the perfect diamond suited for their taste. Also, we offer the best quality center diamond at the most reasonable price.


-ASET and Idealscope images can be both used to indicate the light performance of a diamond, does Mike Nekta provide these kinds of technologies?

Honestly, we are not convinced that these type of images can really tell the real story. So most of the time, Mike Nekta doesn’t provide ASET and Idealscope images. We are aware that most website retailers used this photographs because the actual diamond is not yet in their hands. It is their strategy which can help them to avoid the truth that in real life, they never really examined the diamond and they act as a middleman between the wholesaler and you. Mike Nekta can give you HD quality videos which contain our personal inspection which is more beneficial in choosing the perfect shape, beauty, and sparkle of a diamond in real life.  

Is certificate for diamonds available and provided by Mike Nekta?

Definitely! Our engagement rings always come up with certificate coming from our third-party grading institute.

What are the possible ways to know if the diamond and GIA certificates are compatible?  

You can consult an independent appraiser where you can bring your GIA certificate and ring for verification. You can also ensure the compatibility once one of our team members read and study the laser inscription present in your diamond.


Are your diamonds legitimate and hassle-free?

We can assure you that our diamonds are hassle-free, based on our knowledge and data provided by our suppliers who follow the proper process. We can promise you that we always excel in providing the legitimacy of our trade with gemstones and diamonds.


Do you have another set of gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, aquamarines, etc where I can choose from?

Yes. We offer different gemstones for your ideal jewelry. Just inform one sales team member to talk about the price and other details.



What modes of payment are available?

Mike Nekta accepts payment from all major credit cards, checks, money transfer and even Crypto Currencies! We assure you that upon receiving the payment, our accounting team will send you details of the transaction.


Can I pay with Bitcoin or other alt coins? 

Yes! We proudly accept Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and USDC. 
Please Call +1 (212) 921-4647 for further Assistance.


If I avail a custom design, how does payment work?

For custom designs, we always ask for a 50% deposit for the diamond and we can start making your custom ring. When the ring is complete, we will request for the rest of the balance and ask for your approval of the final product.


Can I just call you and order over the phone?

Yes. If it is more convenient for you to order over the phone, no worries. But, we will still ask for some info and also an authorization form for you to fill up. 

+1 (212) 921-4647


 I have two different credit cards, can I use both in paying my purchase?

Yes, you can pay using any of your cards or multiple cards. You just need to include the card in your authorization form and we also requests for an ID to verify everything.


Does my order have any sales tax?

Every purchased product in our store or even shipped has its own sales tax. You can see the full details of the tax to be collected for every order.


Can reserve an item for me?

Yes. If you really want the item we can put it on hold but we requests for a deposit.


What shipping methods are you using?

Once the ring is complete, we will ship your product via (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and your signature as well upon receiving the product. We will also provide you with a confirmation email and tracking number for you to monitor your purchase.


I am not living in the US, can you also ship products to other countries?

You can contact our support group and talk about your concern with regards to shipping and taxes as well. +1 (212) 921-4647


Is it possible for you to create a custom setting for my center-stone diamond even though you do not have it on hand ?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to give use the measurement stated in the diamond certificate. However, it is highly recommended that we have the diamond in hand ensure that we will make a perfect fit.


How can I make sure that my personal and financial information are secured?

We apply proper measures to ensure that all your information is protected. We process transactions and billing by using an encryption technology.



Do you have any form of insurance to offer for your rings?

We do not have any insurance but we have an appraisal you can present to an insurance company. You just need to choose the best insurance company to work with and trust your rings through.


If I buy a ring at Mike Nekta, can you also do cleaning service for it?

Yes, we can provide you with an in store cleaning and inspection to restore the quality of your ring. We also provide guidelines on how to apply personal ring maintenance.


Do you offer warranty for your rings?

We promised to give the best and extreme quality products as we assure that you will be completely satisfied with your item. You can read more of the warranty details here.


Can I still use the warranty even though another jeweler does work on my ring?

If this thing happened, your ring will no longer be under the warranty of Mike Nekta. The warranty is considered void. But if you still want us to do the work on your ring, you need to pay the amount required.


Once I decided to resize my ring, do I need to leave it at Mike Nekta and how long do I need to wait?
2 to 3 business days are the usual number of days to resize your ring, which means you have to leave it with us but you need not to worry because your ring is safe with us. We will provide you a ring which serves as an evidence that your ring is in our custody.  

What if I live outside of the tri-state area of New York, how can I deal about the ring I buy from Mike Nekta resized?
You need to contact the diamond consultant and Fedex Prepaid label will be arranged for you. Return Shipping Authorization must also be included. You need not to worry about the first time sizing because it is complimentary and take note that the round-trip shopping costs  $100.

What suggestions can you give to find out the perfect ring size for my fiancée and what if I make mistakes in choosing the right one?
Here at Mike Nekta, we suggest that if you are leaving in the Tri-State Area, you should bring your significant other to the store for the actual measuring of the ring finger.

Do you offer different sizes of rings?
Once you decided to buy a ring, you need to ask about the size options. Usually, we can make the perfect ring according to your fit. Most of the rings that we make come in a size of six.

What can you suggest if I got interested in the design of the ring on your Instagram page but I didn’t see it on your website?
Most of our Instagram designs are inspired and some are the exact versions that you can see on our website. You need to take a look at the comments of the post and it should have mentioned the style that you can search on our site easily. You just need to click “request for more info” and need to enter the details about the ring you are interested in. One of our team members will respond to you with the pricing and information that you need.

Since you have online items, are they available for viewing?
Not all online items are available for viewing. However, there are some online rings available for viewing in our New York Showroom. Many of the rings that we created are custom made which are not available for viewing but we have some similar rings available for you to try on.

What if I want a custom design that is not shown on your website, can you create one for me?
Of course! We can make designs based on your preferred design. We review every detail that you want in order to create the best custom ring that you desired.

Are the items listed online shown their actual size?
To make you satisfied, we can enlarge and shrink the pictures to give you more detailed information about the ring.