Where is the Songbird Supreme’s celebrity eternity band?

Do you hear the jolly bells ring this ‘Ber month season? At the beginning of this season, only one person appears in your head, and it’s Mariah Carey with her stunning eternity band.

This celebrity has dominated the music industry for so long, and you would be very surprised about how exquisite yet expensive her eternity band is. So, for all Carrey’s fans out there, you might get inspired to get married soon and be matched with her glistening ring. 

Hi, I’m Mike Nekta, and for today’s hot feature, the Songbird Supreme’s beautiful 35-carat celebrity eternity band. Let’s see how you can achieve a piece of special jewelry!


Back in the memory lane


The die-hard fans might be wondering if the ring is still in Carey’s possession. However, some sources prove that the singer-diva sold the ring after years of separation from their previous partner, James Packer. 

Even though the side of Caey sold the ring discreetly, still fans and paparazzi have wondered where this one-of-a-kind 35-carat ring rests. 

Of course, no one would want to miss out on this rare jewelry due to its quality, not only that, but its worth as well. It was speculated that this eternity band was estimated to be more than $10 million dollars. However, it was later found out that it was sold for $2.1 million only. 

The powerful couple were engaged last January 2016 and called it quits in October teh same year.


Where is the eternity band now?


As of now, the location of the ring hasn’t been located. However, sources said that the ring was sold to a jeweler in Los Angeles. Disclosure must have been avoided as there’s speculation involving litigation against the jeweler to stop news from spreading about the ring’s location.

Still, many are still searching as to where this breathtaking eternity band is. We’re sure the fans are one of them. 

Sadly, there are fewer sources about its location. However, that doesn’t mean you guys can’t have a ring as special as Mariah Carey’s beloved Eternity band. 


New York’s finest eternity band 


You’re in for a special treat today, and it comes with special eternity bands. As you know, eternity rings are unique, luxurious pieces of jewelry that can make anyone feel like a celebrity.

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