Meghan Markle’s Missing 3-stone diamond engagement ring: Could be a fashion statement?

Are you a fan of the British royal family? If yes, then you may have followed the story of Meghan Markle. From being an actress to being part of the royal family, Markle has shown that nothing is impossible, especially with her diamond engagement ring. 

For those who are die hard fans of this actress, you must be also shocked with her diamond engagement ring. According to sources, the engagement ring was personally designed by Prince Harry. It is a 3-stone diamond engagement ring consisting of a cushion cut diamond at the center, and 2 side diamond stones.

That ring  is the center of our blog today. Before we proceed, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Mike Nekta, and as a jeweler in the industry for a long time, I can say that this beaute is simple but very elegant. It matches the image that Markle portrays. The ring shows that the stone doesn’t need to be too big, to let the wearer feel special.

Did Markle lose the ring?

Since we’re still at the topic of the engagement ring of Markle, why not also dive into the recent news that circulated. Last month, Markle appeared in the news again, not because of her life as a Duchess of Sussex. 

People have speculated that the couple is on the rocks with their marriage because of the said ring. It seems that the couple were seen in public, but Markle is not wearing the 3-stone diamond engagement ring. 

However, the Duchess has cleared the air with Page Six, and said that the ring is being fixed. Another insider has speculated that this might be due to personal preferences. As mentioned Markle has always kept her simple and elegant image. That may be the reason for this change. 

Thoughts as a jeweler

Personally, I think both reasons are possible. Many clients from Nekta New York have been claiming simple eternity bands either as a gift or for any special occasion. Considering that the engagement ring of Markle has a significant meaning behind it, it could be overwhelming to wear.

It is known that the 2 side stones are from the late Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. It is one of the aspects that made the ring heavy, both in sentiments and appeal.

Most of the couples I’ve met as a jeweler always choose to portray their personality through a ring. That’s why, some people either choose a classic one-stone ring or a ring with more stones. Both depict the sense of fashion of the wearer, and this might be the idea of Markle.

Choosing a diamond engagement ring in Nekta New York

In choosing a ring for a special day, like the engagement commitment, it is essential to know the preference of the receiver. Although, some people usually prefer the big stone rings and high carat count to make it sassy. 

Romina 4 Carat F VVS1 Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

Nekta New York is one of the leading online jewelry stores and a great destination for finding your dream diamond engagement ring. Whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary, Nekta offers a wide selection of beautiful rings to suit any style.

Leyla 6 Carat H VS2 Round Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

Here are some factors to consider when shopping and I’m here, Mike Nekta, to guide you into it: 

Diamond Shape 

The shape of the diamond is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an engagement ring. Round-cut diamonds are the most popular choice and offer maximum brilliance, while other shapes like princess, marquise, emerald and cushion cuts can also be stunning.


Meanwhile, the metal used in a diamond engagement ring is an important factor to consider when choosing a design. Platinum and white gold are two of the most popular options for an engagement ring. Nekta New York offers a variety of metals, including gold, silver and palladium.


One of the most fun aspects of choosing an engagement ring is selecting a style that reflects your unique tastes and personality. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, Nekta New York has a wide selection of beautiful rings to choose from.


Gravitating to fashion preference is a good thing when it comes to a ring. Engagement rings on the other hand may be a bit difficult, especially if you are the recipient. However, that doesn’t mean that the ring is not customizable.

Just like what Markle did, you can contact your jeweler to make some changes with the ring.  In terms of size, metal, etc., don't be afraid to ask questions about the new style you're considering. Nekta New York’s  knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the way!

Nekta New York has everything you need to make your special day and beautiful ring even more memorable.

Connect with me anytime as I can help you achieve the customizations with your ring!

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