Different Types of Eternity Bands: A Guide to Timeless Beauty

One of life's greatest pleasures is the item of jewelry that you can wear every day without fail. However, out of all the accessories and jewelry you can add to your outfit, eternity bands are one of the most versatile. They're not just for special occasions or weddings but can also be worn in everyday life. For many people, an eternity band is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of their marriage and the promises they made to each other. It serves as a constant reminder of the bond they share, even in the most challenging of times. Therefore, it is essential to know the different types of eternity bands that you can choose from.


Different Types of Eternity Bands

Each of these eternity ring setting types has its own unique look and appeal. Thus, you’ll probably find a ring that fits your needs. Here's a look at what each type looks like:

 Claw Set

1. Claw Set

This is the most traditional design for an eternity band and features individual gems that are held in place by claws. This eternity band style allows for maximum light reflection and is a great option for those who prefer a classic, timeless look.


Channel Set2. Channel Set

In this type of eternity band, the gems are set into a channel that runs along the band. This style is sleek and modern, with no visible metal between the gems, giving the appearance of a continuous row of gems.


Pave Set


3. Pavé Set

The pavé eternity band is characterized by small gems that are set close together, creating a sparkling surface. This style is more delicate than the other options and is great for those who prefer a more dainty look.


 4. Cut Down Set

This design combines a claw set and a channel set, with gems set in individual claws but set into a channel on the band. This style provides the best of both worlds, with the beauty of a claw set and the sleekness of a channel set.


 5. Prong Set

This setting is similar to the claw set, but instead of multiple claws, each gem is held in place by one or two prongs. This creates a more elegant and delicate look and is a popular choice for those who want a classic yet sophisticated design.


 Shared Prong6. Shared Prong

The shared prong style is similar to the prong setting, but instead of individual prongs for each gem, they are held in place by a shared prong. So this creates a more seamless and integrated look and is a great option for those who want a more understated design.

U-Shape Shared Prong


7. U-Shaped Shared Prong

It is similar to a shared prong setting, but instead of a single shared prong, the gems are held in place by a U-shaped metal band that covers the edge of the gems. The U-shaped Shared Prong creates a unique and distinctive look and allows maximum light reflection and sparkle. This type of eternity band is a great option for those who want a more elegant and sophisticated design for their eternity band.


 8. Full Prong

The full prong is similar to the shared one, but the prongs cover more gems, allowing for maximum light reflection and sparkle. So, this is a great choice for those who want a more dramatic and eye-catching design.


 9. Bezel

The bezel style is a type of eternity band where the gem is surrounded by a metal band. This band provides a secure hold for the gem and creates a sleek and seamless look. Therefore, this is a popular choice for those who prefer a more modern and contemporary design.


There are so many different eternity bands to choose from. However, it's important to ensure you're looking for the right one, whether it’s for yourself or someone else as a gift. Thus, gathering any information about the size, materials, or features of an eternity band might help point you to the best eternity band you could ever get.

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