Charles Lewis Tiffany Inspired Mike Nekta of NewYork

Tiffany & Co. - Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is an American luxury jewelry brand known for its iconic blue boxes and high-quality diamonds. The company's founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, was a visionary leader who revolutionized the jewelry industry by introducing the standard of purity in silverware and promoting the use of diamonds in engagement rings. Today, Tiffany & Co. continues to be a leader in the industry, with its timeless designs and commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Here is what I learned

  1. its ok to use high quality and large diamonds in your peices , remeber you are not trying to make a product for everone rather for only one.
  2. develop a brand and make sure they know your name, or logo

Onething Iʼll do differently 

  • Deal with each client personally and make sure my price is fair in respect to the curent market .
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