Pre-Owned Certified Rolex

20 Points of Satisfaction When Buying a Pre-Owned Certified Rolex from Nekta New York.

20 points of satisfaction

1. Only the finest high quality pre-owned certified Rolex watches are sourced worldwide and hand selected by a team of experts buyers.

2. Each Certified pre-owned Rolex Watch must meet stringent criteria prior to being accepted into this pre-owned program, specifics such as each bracelet must have less than 20% 25% wear.

3. The team of expert technicians working with the pre-owned Certified Rolex timepieces are certified as fine watchmakers with CW21 credentials. This is the most widely known and reputably accredited certification available worldwide.

4. Each watch accepted into the pre-owned Certified Rolex program is serviced to bring the watch back to the factory condition resulting in a trouble-free experience for its new owner.

5. All pre-owned Certified Rolex Watches are dissembled down to the main plate for service and polishing. Upon disassemble parts are verified to be authentic, and in perfect working condition.

6. Each pre-owned Certified Rolex watch must adhere to a strict standard of quality and consistency, such as a rate +/- six seconds daily, an amplitude of 280+, and maximum beat error of 0.5.

7. During the servicing of each movement, up to seven or eight oils are used. It will depend on the caliber.

8. All pre-owned Certified Rolex watches are complete with original Rolex dial plate to ensure quality and proper functionality of movement.

9. All pre-owned Rolex seals and gaskets are replaced to ensure water resistance for years to come.

10. Each pre-owned Rolex watch undergoes pressure and vacuum testing of up to three bars or 100 feet.

11. All pre-owned Rolex sport model inserts are replaced with only factory original new inserts. This involves models such as Submariner GMT and Seadweller.

12. Only new, genuine Rolex parts are used to replace internal and external parts that need replacing (except crystal) for proper functionality of the pre-owned Rolex timepiece.

13. All pre-owned Rolex watch crystals are automatically replaced with new aftermarket sapphire crystals to ensure a perfect like new appearance and the proper water resistance.

14. Only factory authorized tools and equipment are utilized in the servicing of each pre-owned Rolex watch including proper polishing wheels to ensure an as-new appearance.

15. Only SI quality or better diamonds are used on all pre-owned Rolex watch dials and bezels.

16. All pre-owned Rolex watches undergo extensive quality-control testing at every stage of handling, before and after certification, and are additionally rechecked prior to shipping.

17.  Additional links are available for all watches in the pre-owned Rolex program

18. Each pre-owned Rolex watch ships with a Third Party Independent Certification. It will state the model and serial number it will include full disclosure of the parts that have been enhanced, which must also be disclosed at a time of sale to the final consumer. it will arrive full-sized and also card-sized for each watch. This certification ensures the authenticity of the watch and the high-quality standards are strictly followed.

19. Each certified pre-owned Rolex watch ships packaged in a Rolex themed green leather box.

20. All certified pre-owned Rolex watches ship complete with a limited liability warranty, covering full mechanics for two years from date of sale.