Diamond Jewelry Live

See our Fine Selection of Stunning Diamond Jewelry Live
Click to see an Animation of one of our best sellers
Here we will be able to show you our pieces as if you our in our Showrooms. We will also be able to consult you with the expertise and professionalism that you would expect when making a decision of this importance.
We invite you to get to know us and see what we have to offer. 
1. Select the Piece or Pieces you would like to see live.
2. Call us at ( +1)  212 921 4647 to set an exact time to see it.
3. Have Skype Installed and open.
     Start a live video call with us click here. Skype Call Buttom
4. You can also use Facetime for this, just make sure that it is installed
     and open and paste this link to call: facetime://Mike.Nekta@gmail.com