Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a store and if so what is the location?

Yes we have a store in New York City right off Rockefeller Center. Our address is 74 West 47 St. NY, NY 10036 


What makes you different than the other brand name companies?


What does the term certified mean?

After a diamond is cut it is taken to a lab for evaluation. the lab evaluates and they provide all of the necessary information of the kind of diamond it is and they grade it appropriately. Every certified diamond comes with a certificate of the diamond's information.


What is the difference between a GIA certified diamond and other certified diamonds?

A GIA diamond gives more accurate and descriptive information than other certified diamonds. Other labs grade the diamonds more leniently, where as GIA grades the diamond accurately. However, a GIA certified Diamond comes with a price. the benefits for paying extra for a GIA diamond is that you are able to resell the diamond for the same or close to the value that you purchased it for. Since other certified diamonds are cheaper this gives you an advantage to choose a larger diamond for the same price as a smaller GIA Diamond.


Are the stones in your online store, and physical store certified?

Yes, all of our Center Diamonds are GIA Certified. if you would like a non GIA Diamond you can contact us and we can offer you an EGL Certified diamond for the ring style you chose.

How do I proceed with a custom order Ring?


How will I find out my finger size and how will I provide that information to you?

1.Cut a thin strip of paper.
2.Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger 3.and close to your knuckle.
4.Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.
5.Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

Once you figure out your finger size and you want to order a ring on our online store. You can specify your finger size in the checkout. 

What does diamond clarity mean?

Diamond clarity is a grading report that tells you how clean the diamond is. you can have black or white inclusions in a diamond. the grading report ranges from FL (Flawless) - I3 (Included)

Diamond Clarity Chart  


Which clarity type is more cost - effective but looks the best?

SI1 - SI2 grade diamonds under 1 carat has inclusions that you cannot see with your naked eye. So i suggest you go with an SI.  



How big is a 1.00 carat diamond?

a 1 carat diamond is approximately equivalent to the size of the diameter of an eraser of a #2 wooden pencil. 


Why is a 2.00 carat diamond more than double the price of a 1.00 carat diamond?

a 2 carat diamond is more rare than a 1 carat diamond. so being that is more rare there is less supply and more demand


What is a fluorescent on a diamond and how does it affect the value of a diamond? 

A fluorescent in a diamond is a mineral substance that appears inside a diamond and when it is exposed to ultraviolet light and under the suns rays, the fluorescent inside the diamond will glow. There are different types of fluorescent colors that will glow inside a diamond. Blue is more common where as yellow and red are rare to find in most diamonds. The advantage for a diamond to have a fluorescent in it, for example if the diamond is a J, H, or I color and it has a fluorescent in it, the diamond could increase its value since a J color diamond can look like an I color diamond.



What is a Cutlet in a diamond?


- What does diamond color mean? 

 Diamond Color Grading chart


Which color diamond is more cost efficient but looks whiter than the other colors?

We suggest a G or H color as it is near colorless and looks white to the naked eye. 


What does it mean when it says on a post that diamonds are custom cut by Mike Nekta?

When we find the right diamonds to fit in your ring, Mike takes those Diamonds and brings it back to the Diamond cutting factory. using a unique technique we have the diamonds cut to perfection. in result the diamonds come out more sparkling, and catches light reflection from all angles.



Why is Platinum drastically more expensive than fine metals. 

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold and it is the most pure precious metal. with its 95% pure platinum it holds the diamonds more securely than gold. Platinum is a true white metal and requires no plating. the feel is significant and it is heavier than gold.


How long will it take for the item to get delivered to my house?

for a regular order, it can take 2-6 days nationwide.


Do you do international shipping?

 yes we ship internationally 


Will the packages be insured? 

Yes , all of our shipments are insured while in route to you. The coverage stops when package reaches the shipping address.  


What is the warranty on an item?



What is the return policy?

We offer 10 - 15 Day Return Policy on non custom order rings


Why buy a Certified Pre-owned Rolex from Nekta New York? 
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