About Us


Mike Nekta is a third Generation diamond expert and jewelry designer , an expert in creating handcrafted, diamond rings and bridal jewelry featuring a touch unique to Mike Nekta design. This site will guide you to discover everything about Mike Nekta, from his breathtaking designer engagement rings to super impressive designer diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry.

Regardless of what jewelry item you are looking for, Mike Nekta can help.Since 1974, Mike Nekta's family has been a staple in the New York City jewelry and diamond district, serving the general public as well as other re sellers around the globe.

A family business with a humble beginning that grew into a successful wholesaler/retailer in the famous New York Diamond District. 

When asked “What is the key to your business success?” Mike Nekta replied “We are a major player in the jewelry capital of the world, innovation is expected from us, and that is how we stay 5-10 years ahead of other jewelers”.

Mike Nekta‘s goal is to stay innovative and provide the best and most updated designs using the most updated production techniques available to provide the very best designs and craftsmanship. Mike Nekta's collection epitomizes elegance and flair, providing the utmost integrity in every step from design to distribution. All the diamonds in the jewelry are sourced ethically and responsibly.