What Sets Cushion Cut Diamonds Apart From Other Cuts of Diamonds?

The term "Cushion cut diamonds," alternatively known as the "mine cut" or "old mine cut," derives its nomenclature from its characteristic geometric form, resembling that of a pillow. For a precise definition of a cushion cut diamond, these unmounted gemstones assume a square or rectangular configuration with rounded corners. It is greatly in contrast to the sharp corners found in princess cut diamonds. Notably, in terms of lower overall brilliance, cushion cut diamonds exhibit a higher degree of fire or dispersion.

The allure of cushion cuts has propelled them to popularity, securing their position as the third most favored diamond shape among consumers. Should you embark on acquiring one of these sought-after gems, it is imperative to acquaint yourself with the various styles and aspect ratios available.


This description will elucidate the dichotomy between traditional cushion cuts and modified cushion brilliants. Thus, boasts an equivalent or greater number of facets when juxtaposed with round brilliants. Also, being knowledgeable is an advantage to attain the finest cushion cut diamond. It will allow you to focus your efforts on achieving the optimal selection.

What are the Varieties of Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Within the realm of cushion cut diamonds, there exist several distinct subcategories. Each is characterized by its own captivating attributes.

These classifications encompass:

Square Cushion Cut: The square cushion cut diamond features sides of equal length, creating a geometrically square appearance. Notably, this cut eschews sharp corners in favor of gracefully rounded ones.

Elongated Cushion Cut: Alternately referred to as the rectangular cushion cut, stone of this category exhibit an elongated configuration oriented vertically. The length of the diamond consistently exceeds its width, resulting in a distinct visual profile.

Antique Cushion Cut: In contemporary, diamonds denoted as "true antique fashion cuts" are those meticulously hand-cut in adherence to the traditional practices of the 19th Century. While these gems may not possess the radiant brilliance characteristic of modern cuts, they are imbued with a profound historical significance. Thus, endowing them with a unique and valuable heritage.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cushion Cut Diamonds?

As with any diamond cut, there exist distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with cushion cut diamonds. These merits and drawbacks are as follows:


  • Exceptional Brilliance and Fire: One of the foremost advantages of a cushion cut diamond lies in its inherent capacity to exhibit a high degree of brilliance and fire. This attribute allows it to effectively reflect both white and colored light, resulting in a dazzling visual spectacle.
  • Uniqueness: Each cushion cut diamond possesses a unique character, rendering every piece of jewelry fashioned with them truly one-of-a-kind. This uniqueness stems from the individual variations in their cut and appearance.
  • Durability: The rounded edges inherent to cushion cut diamonds contribute to their durability, enhancing their resistance to chipping and damage.


  • Open Table: A notable drawback of cushion cut diamonds is the presence of an open table, which makes any imperfections within the stone more perceptible to the naked eye. This increased visibility of flaws may necessitate a heightened level of scrutiny during the selection process.
  • Color Retention: Cushion cut diamonds tend to retain color more readily than other diamond shapes. Consequently, individuals seeking a diamond with exceptional clarity must exercise discernment when selecting the appropriate color grade to ensure a clear and pristine appearance.

Where to buy Cushion Cut Diamonds Accessories?

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