Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Inspired By Brad and Angelina's Glamour Love Story

In the world of Hollywood, love stories often begin with glitz and glamour, but sometimes, they are woven with the threads of precious gems and the artistry of skilled jewelers.  One of these famous gems is Angelina Jolie’s emerald-cut engagement ring.

On a beautiful evening in 2012, Brad Pitt finally got down on one knee and presented Angelina Jolie with the breathtaking emerald-cut engagement ring. As the evening sun cast a warm glow on them, he professed his love and commitment, asking her to be his forever. The world watched in awe as Angelina tearfully accepted, sealing their lovegft with the promise of forever.

While the engagement ring was a symbol of their love, it couldn't predict the future. Love's journey is often unpredictable, and despite the grand gesture, Brad and Angelina faced challenges that eventually led to their separation and divorce in 2016. Their love story, once celebrated worldwide, took a different path.


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Crafting Engagement Rings That Echo Love's Beauty

As a jeweler, I have come to understand that our creations, no matter how beautiful, are but reflections of the emotions and intentions of the people who wear them. They serve as reminders of the moments when love is at its peak. Therefore, they become cherished heirlooms that tell stories for generations to come.

Inspired by the remarkable journey of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and even the unexpected twist brought about by Mike Nekta, I found myself drawn to the world of jewelry design with renewed passion. Their love story, with all its ups and downs, had reminded me of the enduring beauty of love and the power of artistry to capture its essence.

With their story as my muse, I embarked on a creative journey of my own. I was determined to create a pair of rings that would echo the timeless beauty of Brad and Angelina's love. Yet I want it to be uniquely my own. I wanted to craft pieces that would symbolize the eternal bond between two people, just as their rings had done.

With each precise cut and careful setting, I poured my heart and soul into these creations. Then, imbue them with the same dedication and passion that had fueled the crafting of Brad and Angelina's iconic ring. They were not mere pieces of jewelry; they were a reflection of the enduring love stories that inspired their creation. As I completed these rings, I couldn't help but feel a deep connection to the journey of love that had unfolded before me. 


Emerald Cut Engagement Rings by Nekta New York

Nekta New York offers a stunning collection of emerald cut engagement rings that embody timeless elegance and sophistication. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, Nekta New York combines the allure of emerald-cut diamonds. All gems we are with innovative design to create engagement rings that are as unique as the love they symbolize. 

Here are some emerald cut engagement rings that are sure to captivate and celebrate your love story with unmatched beauty and style.


Allison 8 Carat G VVS1 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold


In the world of engagement rings, the Allison 8.03 Carat Gem is a true masterpiece. Its 5.03 Carat center diamond, treated to a unique G* color, radiates with VVS1 clarity. Surrounding it are 3.00 Carats of mixed-shaped diamonds, creating a starry halo and sidestone setting. Also, this ring is crafted in 18 Karat White Gold and adjustable to any size. The Allison 8.03 Carat Gem isn't just a ring. It's a symbol of your enduring love and a promise of a beautiful future together.



Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Allison

Alma 18 Carat Emerald Cut I Color Internally Flawless Clarity Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum Gia Certified 17 Ct I If By Mike Nekta

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Alma

When it comes to pure, unparalleled elegance and luxury, the ALMA EMERALD CUT DIAMOND RING stands in a league of its own. This GIA Certified beauty is a testament to timeless beauty and sophistication.This ring, crafted in lustrous Platinum. It enhances not only the diamond's brilliance but also exudes a sense of sophistication and endurance. The metal weight discreetly complements the design, ensuring that all eyes remain on the star of the show. Accentuating the center diamond are 0.91 Carats of additional diamonds. The three-stone half-moon design not only adds depth and dimension. It also represents the past, present, and future of your love story.


Adelina 11 Carats F VVS2 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold. GIA Certified By Mike Nekta


Prepare to be captivated by the sheer brilliance and elegance of the Adelina 11 Carats Diamond Engagement Ring. This is GIA Certified to perfection. At its heart lies a breathtaking 9.41 Carat emerald-cut diamond, boasting a pristine F* color and a mesmerizing VVS2 clarity. Measuring in at an impressive size, this diamond is a true testament to sophistication and beauty. This ring can be adjusted to any size, ensuring a perfect fit for your loved one. It has a total carat weight of 11.37 Carats. Thud, it's more than just a ring; it's a symbol of love and commitment that shines brilliantly.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Adelina


If you're considering the allure of emerald cut engagement rings, you'll be delighted to know that you can find a stunning selection at Nekta New York. Nekta New York offers a range of meticulously crafted emerald cut engagement rings. All of the rings blend artistry, quality, and elegance to symbolize your own love story. As we celebrate love and the enchantment it brings, let these emerald cut engagement rings, available at Nekta New York. Be a dazzling reminder of the eternal bond shared by two people in love, much like Brad and Angelina's captivating journey.

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